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Buy SPECIAL OFFER! Funkin' for Don Blackman - HD concert [dCard]

Michal Urbaniak

Michal Urbaniak & Urbanator Live in Concert: “Funkin’ For Don Blackman, recorded Live in Grand Theatre. The file is in excellent HD quality (3 GB). Duriation: 1h 40 min.

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Feat.: Don Blackman (Keys), Michal Urbaniak (Talkin Violin & Sax), Tom Browne (Trumpet), Femi Temowo (Guitar), Otto Williams (Bass Guitar) and Troy Miller (Drums).


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Zapis koncertu "Funkin' for Don Blackman" z Teatru Wielkiego w Warszawie. Koncert zapisany jest w jakości HD i trwa 1 h 40 min.

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